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The final recordings of Cleveland's legendary heavy metal screamer, Sandy Kruger, are now available to preorder.  Teaming up with Adam Neal & Nick Burks (Savage Master), plus added drum assistance from Amos Rifkin (Deceased, Death of Kings), this was the beginning of amazing audio things to come.  Unfortunately, these songs also marked the end of this short lived dream team.  

We at Another Riff Raff Label are humbled to act as the vehicle for this release to see the light of day.  Everyone should hear these recordings and remember Sandy for the delightful spirits that she was.

All profits from this release will be donated to her son Eric.  Support!  Love!  Heavy Metal!

**SHIP DATE TBD.  This will go into production by Sept 1st, and from there it is a matter of vinyl plant turnover time.  We can expect around April 1st...but that is just a guess.  When vinyl is ready to ship, we will confirm current shipping addresses with all customers!